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Steam Breakdown Crane

(Code: MP2020-08)
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Steam Breakdown CraneThese instructions describe the construction of a functioning model based on MECCANO Super Model No.30 and inspired by the Ransomes & Rapier 25-ton.The crane is composed of a slewing cab and a luffing jib which is mounted on a frame with three driving axles and two steering axle bogies. The cab carries the hoisting gears and the motors. A fake steam engine has been installed. A separate wagon provides support for the jib when travelling out of use. 

A 16-page instruction leaflet with text building instructions and colour photographs with a parts list. The model can be built from standard Meccano parts (although not all may be currently produced) plus two non-Meccano motors (or the builder may be able to substitute other motors with a re-design).

Please note this Model Plan has been designed by a Meccano modeller from his own collection of parts. These are instructions only.