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Welcome to meccanoshop


Welcome to the Meccanoshop website. We are a specialist Meccano parts stockist with decades of experience.

Parts and Colours

The products featured in this website are from a variety of sources. Meccano no longer offer individual parts, concetrating on sets only. We have for a number of years sourced compatible parts to fill the gaps in the standard parts range that were not available from Meccano and to expand the range of parts. We still have Meccano sourced parts but these will become less in time. We are unfortunatley unable to claify which are and which are not. The sourcerd parts are of a similar quality.

We offer parts in two colour schemes: red/green similar to those produced by Meccano in England in the 1950's, and blue/zinc/yellow which became the standard for French produced parts in the 1990's.

In addition we have a selection of the dark blue/yellow range introduced in the 1980's, plus a selection of colours introduced, and only used, in specific sets.


To compliment our parts ranges we offer ranges of literature, photocpies of original Meccano model books and leaflets, ModelPlans from Meccano enthusiasts plus Meccano parts and models information books with some available on CD-ROM's for use on computers.


We try to have 100% stock but the lead time on delivery and occasional heavy ordering on a single part can catch us out. Usually the longest we will be out of a part is 6 weeks but holidays here and in the supplier country can extend this. You will be advised of any order which cannot be completed and will have the option to have the balance sent on at a later date or cancelled with a refund.

Help & Advise

We will try our best to help in any way we can. Simply email us via the contact us page or type in your email browser.