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Coles Hydra 10T Lorry-Mounted Crane

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Coles Hydra 10T Lorry-Mounted Crane  This model building plan describes a model which can be built with a Meccano Set 10. A realistic 1:10 scale model with lever-operated boom hoisting, slewing, derricking and telescoping powered by a Meccano PDU motor and cable-and-pulley simulated hydraulics, and also has working steering, suspension and hand-operated jacks. To keep within the Set 10 limits, the road wheels are unpowered, but with some additional parts, a clutch, gearbox and differential can easily be incorporated.

This booklet has 24 pages including colour photographs and parts list, plus a separately-stapled 16-page booklet of diagrams

Please note these Model Plans are designed by individual Meccano modellers and may use parts not currently available. The level of instruction detail is dependent on the original modeller and varies from plan to plan. These are instructions only.