Everything Automotive - Differentials & Rear Axles

(Code: M-EA1)
Everything Automotive - Differentials & Rear Axles

The Everything Automotive series of publications overview the theory and practice of automotive mechanics - manual and automatic gearboxes, transmissions, clutches, axles, differentials and steering, and their realisation in Meccano, with explanations of many practical examples which can be built from the drawings.

This volume covers: Differential theory, Crown Wheels, Traditional pattern differential, Heavy-duty unit, Casings, Heavy vehicle    mechanisms, Hub reduction, A double-reduction unit, Twin axles, "Third differentials", A ball-bearing axle, The Kirkstall double-reduction axle, Two-speed axles, A differential lock, Limited-slip differentials, Front-wheel and four-wheel drive

36 pages of text and diagrammatic illustrations.