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Everything Automotive - Front Axles and Steering

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Everything Automotive - Front Axles and Steering

The Everything Automotive series of publications overview the theory and practice of automotive mechanics - manual and automatic gearboxes, transmissions, clutches, axles, differentials and steering, and their realisation in Meccano, with explanations of many practical examples which can be built from the drawings.

This volume covers: History of the steerable axle, , Beam axles, Development of steerable stub axles, Development of Ackerman steering, Steering of twin front axles, Three-wheelers and steering, Four-wheel steering in a modern saloon car, Camber angle and toe-in, Spindle trail and castor angle, King-pin inclination, Steering box design, Remote control and power-assisted steering, Commercial vehicle designs, Sports car designs, Heavy vehicle modelling.


40 pages of text and diagramatic illustrations