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Everything Automotive - Gearboxes

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Everything Automotive - Gearboxes

 The Everything Automotive series of publications overview the theory and practice of automotive mechanics - manual and automatic gearboxes, transmissions, clutches, axles, differentials and steering, and their realisation in Meccano, with explanations of many practical examples which can be built from the drawings.

This volume covers: Two-speed and reverse gearbox, "An Epicyclic Gearbox for Poor Mortals", An experimental epicyclic automatic transmission, Three-speed automatic transmission, Three-speed gate-change gearboxes, DNLR automatic transmission. Constant-mesh gearbox, Bugatti 'Type 53' 3-speed gearbox, Three-speed automatic transmission for Daimler Fleetline bus, Four-speed and rev. gearbox (Type 1), Gear selection, An alternative approach to ratios, Two six-speed Scammell-type gearboxes, A mathematical approach to ratios, More on gear changing and de-clutching, Four-speed and rev. gearbox (Type 2), Four-speed and rev. gearbox (Type 3), Mini-4 + reverse geometric-ration gearbox, Arithmetic gearbox with 6 speeds & reverse, Six-speed and reverse gearbox (% increase ratios), Eight-speed , nd reverse gearbox (% increase ratios), Six ratio traditional gearbox


40 pages of text and diagrammatic illustrations