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LG 1750 mobile Luffing Crane

(Code: MP2020-07)
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LG 1750 mobile Luffing CraneThese instructions describe the construction of a model based on the LG 1750 LIEBHERR self-propelled crane (plans are available on the LIEBHERR website). The crane has a modular design, based on the use of a rotating platform and luffing boom on a selfpropelled chassis with eight axles, of which four drive the lorry. For simplicity the model does not have the power steering of the prototype and only the front three axles are powered.

The manual describes the construction of the model in separate blocks, that is to say instead of building the model little-by-little by adding parts to others, the main constituent parts are all around mounted as separate blocks. Each block is simple to build as well as a super model and it can be finally assembled with a few bolts. The special design of the luffing jib cranes allows the mechanisms to be concentrated in one place, on the model's rotating platform in this case.

A 18-page instruction leaflet with text building instructions and colour photographs with a parts list. The model can be built from standard Meccano parts, although not all may be currently produced. NB: This is a large model requiring Meccano building experience to interpret these instructions.

Please note this Model Plan has been designed by a Meccano modeller from his own collection of parts. These are instructions only.