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Meccano Aircraft Engine

(Code: MP144)
Meccano Aircraft EngineThese instructions describe the construction of a model based on the Hispano Suiza Type 12Y Aircraft engine.

The original hand written instructions, which are reproduced in full, are in French, but are accompanied by a full 26 page English translation. There are no pictures or parts list so the builder will have to visualise from the descriptive text.

The model is built to a scale of 1:2 and faithfully reproduces the mechanical functions of the original.

Special Features:-

  • Twelve Cylinder V engine, fixed at an angle of 60 degrees

  • Lower oil sump with disk crankshaft with 7 intermediate bearings

  • Air Compression Starter

  • Six carburettors with supercharged compressor

  • Coupled and synchronised carburettors

  • Dual Ignition with automatic distribution

  • Control of cylinder valves by overhead camshafts

The complete model measures about 90 cm long, 36 cm wide (at the upper part of the cylinder heads) and 39 cm high. It weighs about 25 kilograms
Please note these Model Plans are designed by individual Meccano modellers and may use parts not currently available. The level of instruction detail is dependent on the original modeller and varies from plan to plan. These are instructions only.