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Precision Clock with Riefler Escapement

(Code: MP141)
Precision Clock with Riefler Escapement
The need for ever greater accuracy of timekeeping led to the development of greatly improved escapements and at the end of the pendulum clock era when quartz and atomic clocks were about to take over, there were to all intents and purposes only three contenders left. These were the the Synchronome Company which produced the Shortt Free Pendulum Clock (see ModelPlan MP130), Le Roy et Cie manufacturers of a precision clock which had spring pallet escapement, and Riefler of Munich.

In the Riefler clock, the energy to keep the pendulum swinging is supplied by bending the suspension spring, The pendulum is not suspended from a fixed support, but instead the upper chops of the suspension spring rest on a bearer which has two co-linear knife edges on its underside.

A fourteen page of booklet covers General description, Clock Frame, Plates and Bearings, Reset Mechanism and Gravity Arm, Synchronome Reset Mechanism, Going Train, Maintaining Power, Gear Train, Clock Case, Pendulum Rod and Bob, and Final Adjustments. Illustrations include ten photographs in colour
A separate 20 page booklet contains seventeen isometric drawings and there is a separate gloss paper clock face illustration to gut out.

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