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Shelvoke & Drewy Dualdrive Freightlifter (Set10)

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Shelvoke & Drewy Dualdrive Freightlifter  (Set10)

These instructions describe the building of a 1:10 scale model representing an 8-ton heavy-duty forklift truck from the 1950's used in large numbers by British Rail, brickmakers and all 3 armed forces. An additional, rear cab allowed it to be driven at speeds of up to 20mph on public roads with the two sets of controls mechanically linked.  A cab roof level tilt ram was another unusual feature.


A single PDU powers forward and reverse drive and up and down mast and mast tilt actions.  The model includes coupled steering control, foot pedals and gear levers in both cabs.


24 pages including text and colour photographs, plus a separately-stapled, 12-page booklet of diagrams with parts list.


Please note these Model Plans are designed by individual Meccano modellers and may use parts not currently available. The level of instruction detail is dependent on the original modeller and varies from plan to plan. These are instructions only.