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Spider Crane

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Spider CraneThese instructions describe the construction of a "Spider" Crane, slightly larger but based a model which appeared in the Special Edition Meccano set produced in 2001.  "Spider” cranes are mobile mini-cranes which can be used in sites are not easily accessible to a conventional crane. Their name comes from the four foldable outriggers allowing them to be elevated, giving them this so special peculiar look.

The model requires two 3-6v Meccano motors to power the crane mechanisms plus a N-20 micro electric motor, available from various sources online, to power the slewing if required.

A 12-page instruction leaflet with text building instructions and colour photographs with a parts list. The model can be built from standard Meccano parts (with the exception of the N-20 motor), although not all may be currently produced.

Please note this Model Plan has been designed by a Meccano modeller from his own collection of parts. These are instructions only.