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Wheel Loader

(Code: MP2020-09)
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Wheel LoaderThese instructions describe the construction of a Wheel Loader commonly used to move a stockpiled material from ground level and
deposit it into an awaiting dump truck or into an open trench excavation. The model is based on the MECCANO Set 10 model No.10.6, but is more inspired by the Fordson Chaseside Loader. This has been improved from the original model by adding motors to independently control drive, wheels, arms and bucket. 

The model requires two 3-6v Meccano motors with gearboxes for the main drive and bucket lifting arm plus a small non-Meccano motor for the tilting mechanism.

A 13-page instruction leaflet with text building instructions and colour photographs with a parts list. The model can be built mostly from standard Meccano parts, although not all may be currently produced.

Please note this Model Plan has been designed by a Meccano modeller from his own collection of parts. These are instructions only.