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Dragline (Set10+ Model)

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Dragline  (Set10+ Model)

These instructions describe the building of a well-known model of a Ransomes and Rapier W14 Walking Dragline on the covers of 1950's set manuals has been redesigned for building with a Set 10 plus a few extra parts.

Its five movements - walking, slewing, luffing, hoisting and dragging are controlled independently from one side of the model using two PDU motors via a simplified mechanism. 

An improvedmain bearing, using Large Toothed Quadrants, provides smooth and realistic slewing.


28 pages including text, diagrams, colour photographs and parts list.

Please note these Model Plans are designed by individual Meccano modellers and may use parts not currently available. The level of instruction detail is dependent on the original modeller and varies from plan to plan. These are instructions only.